Why Now?

Protecting our precious resources, i.e., water, agriculture, economy, diverse businesses. It is imperative for us now and for the future of our younger generations that we balance development while doing all that we can do to protect natural resources. I believe we should invest and provide opportunity to businesses who are working with and on green energy. We have seen examples of these opportunities with the solar panels of the Zillah Lakes Inn and the environmentally responsible and resource-efficient Selah Vista Homes. As we continue to use these environmentally responsible green energy resources, I believe the costs of such products will become more affordable.

Improving our quality of life measures, i.e., affordable quality housing, homelessness, Veterans' services. We will need to improve the diversity of our economy especially if we want to encourage our youth and college graduates to stay and/or return to this county after their chosen training and/or education. We should develop incentives to encourage our primary industries to invest in green technology and infrastructure. We should also invest in other businesses who not only promise but will provide higher than minimum wage employment opportunity, invest in the county, and protect and sustain the precious natural resources of Yakima County. Additionally, Yakima County Commissioners should resume control, embrace accountability, and employ an equitable system for administering funds allocated for homelessness and other budget items, including services for our Veterans. The system used in 2017 was not transparent and created both actual conflicts of interest and perceived conflicts of interest, neither of which serve our most vulnerable residents equitably or responsibly.

Improving transparency, access and accountability of our County Commissioners’ Office including improving our relationship and collaborating with The Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation to balance the equally important needs of the residents and the needs of businesses (from micro-to-large) with equitable, sustainable collaborative solutions to strengthen our communities.